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MASA Soccer is a 100% volunteer organization.  Close to 300 children play in-house soccer, and approximately 150 play in the travel league.  For this large organization to continue to serve the community, every family must take responsibility for an aspect of its operation.  Below are descriptions of the volunteer positions.  Please realize that this organization exists for our children.  We hope you will offer as much of your time and expertise as possible!  If you have any questions, please contact a Board Member. 

BOARD MEMBER: There are various positions on the board which helps manage the activities of the club.  The positions are voluntary and the amount of work will vary depending on the position and how much effort that you want to make the club a successful organization.  These positions include: President, Vice President-In-House Program Director, Vice President-Travel Program Director, Vice President-Player Development, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to two Members at Large.  Position descriptions are provided in the MASA By-Laws which are available on the MASA website. The Board meets at least once a month.  Board positions are held for at least 2 years.  This is a great way to contribute significantly to the community and to continue the growth and success of the organization.  These positions require more than the minimum commitment to MASA!  

COACH: Conducts all team practices and games with help of Assistant Coach.  Skillful, gentle behavior toward children is required.  Soccer skills and knowledge desirable but not essential especially for younger players (i.e., up to 10 years of age).  MASA will pay for coaching instruction in full for both new and experienced coaches.  Coaches are encouraged to obtain the minimum coaching licenses needed for their age group.  This job takes from 30-50 hours a season.  Training/instruction will be offered.  This is a great way to share time with your child and contribute significantly to MASA!  

ASSISTANT COACH: Assists Head Coach as directed.  Attendance at all practices and games are expected.  Most coaches start as Assistants.  This job takes between 20-50 hours a season.  Training/instruction will be offered.  This is a great way to get learn the game, acquire some soccer skills, and to develop some knowledge in coaching children.   

AGE GROUP COORDINATOR: This job involves helping to run one part of the operation of the in-house Recreation League.  If you love what MASA stands for and would like to contribute more than the minimum requirement, this job is for you.  This job allows you to get more involved in the inner workings of the organization.  Age group coordinators are responsible for soliciting coaches, forming teams, creating in-house practice the game schedule and communicating with the Program Director and coaches.  Administrative and organizational skills are essential for the job as well as knowledge of computer (excel and email) and phone contact.  This job takes anywhere from 15-30 hours over each season with the most work being done the month before the season starts.

U6 Age Group Coordinator Summary

U8 Age Group Coordinator Summary

U10 Age Group Coordinator Summary

FIELD LINING COORDINATOR:  This job involves the coordination of all field lining activities for all the soccer fields.  You will coordinate from the list of volunteers a schedule for field lining, and communicate/coordinate with the Field Director and Equipment Director when any issues arise.  Knowledge of how to line the fields and how the paint carts work is essential.  Administrative and organizational skills are also necessary for the job (excel and email) as well as ability to check the fields on a weekly basis to ensure the lining has been completed.  This job takes anywhere from 10-15 hours over each season. 

FIELD LINING: This job involves lining the soccer fields prior to the season and/or after the season begins.  To earn your volunteer credit you will be required to attend at least one field lining session, which includes the lining of one of our main fields (Lower, Middle, Upper, or Field 6).  It takes approximately one hour to line a main field.   Each field needs lined on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on field conditions, so this is an opportunity for multiple people to earn their volunteer credit throughout the season.     

REGISTRAR: This job involves receiving and processing the registrations for MASA soccer.  If you are a well-organized, computer efficient person, then this is the job for you.  You work at your own pace.  Registration forms are checked for accuracy, processed, payments deposited, input into excel spreadsheets, divided into each particular age-group, and then passed onto the age-group coordinators (in-house program) or travel coaches (travel program).  It involves contacting parents and working extensively with the Age-Group Coordinators or Travel Coaches.  This job takes at least 40 hours prior to the start of the season and continues throughout the season.

RISK MANAGER: This job involves tracking and supporting the background clearance/SafeSport process for our coaches. It will require communicating the requirements we have and how to fulfill them, tracking completion, and to answer questions as needed. The job takes 4-5 hours per week during the month leading up to the fall and spring seasons.

REFEREE COORDINATOR: This job requires scheduling refs for games each week of the fall and spring season and coordinating (but not leading) a training session each year. Also keep the referees informed of changes or communications sent from PAWest. It can take 2-3 hours per week while in-season.

EQUIPMENT MANAGER: This role is responsible for team (ballls, cones, pinnies) and field (flags, sandbags, etc) equipment inventory and order recommendations. Perform inventory yearly. The job will take a few hours before each season.

FIELD DIRECTOR: Responsible primarily for field condition recommendations (weather cancellations, etc) and scheduling of field space for practice and games. The job can take 2-4 hours per week during fall and spring seasons.

COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER: Own the website and Facebook pages. Help ensure data is accurate (website) and updated (social - Facebook). Also responsible for coordinating registration notices with newspapers/schools and supporting all-parent communications as needed. This job varies in terms of time required but would typically be 2-3 hours per week on average, during season.

TEAM PARENT: This job involves getting players e-mail address, preparing a team phone tree, preparing a schedule for parents to provide drinks and snacks (in-house only) after each game for the players, providing players with directions to away fields (travel only), and distributing uniforms at the beginning of the season.  This job takes 2–4 hours during the season.

UNIFORM COORDINATOR: This job involves ordering and distribution of the MASA soccer uniforms for both travel and in-house.  A list of children, divided into the appropriate age-groups will be provided to the coordinator who in turn will solicit the help of the uniform distribution volunteers to sort and package shirts to be distributed to each team’s coach in the various age-groups.  This job takes 3-6 hours and will be done before the season starts.

PICTURE-DAY COORDINATOR: This job involves working with the photographer, setting a date, distributing picture-day order envelopes, and distributing the pictures to the teams when they are done.  Pictures are only done during the fall season.  This job takes about 2 hours before the fall season starts and a Saturday morning to deliver the pictures to the age-group coordinators and travel coaches when they are done.     


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